Creating projects for customers

Good day,

A neighbor saw my basic home automation system but now want me to create something similar for them. How do I approach it, from which payment plans can I use for customers? Blynk 2 makes it easy to start with something like this but until now it wasn’t something I even considered. Sorry if it is a stupid question but I now have to change the way I look at my blynk projects.

Free plan comes with basic widgets and 1 free devices. If your automations use widgets that are included in the free plan then you can use the free plan. For more devices you can pay a one time fee of 4.99$. Add as many devices you want.

But if you are considering this as a business!! Then you need to have pro plan to offer services using blynk.

@Albertvdm hello, I think you need to start from this doc - Device Sharing - Blynk Documentation. It covers current business use cases very well. Briefly - you can start with PLUS plan and switch to PRO if necessary on later stages.

Please, let me know if you still have any questions after the reading.

Thank you