Creating my app

Hi all,
I created a template with blynk version 1, when i went to create the application blynk did not detect my device although it works in simulation mode.
thank you .

You’ll need to provide a lot more information I’m afraid.

When you say “Blynk version 1” I assume that you’re referring to the library version 1.0.1 and that you are actually using the new version of Blynk rather than Blynk Legacy (otherwise know as Blynk 0.1).
I make this assumption because Blynk Legacy doesn’t use templates.

What type of sketch have you uploaded to your device, and what type of device is is?

If you’re using a Blynk Edgent sketch then have you been through the + Add Device process in the app?
If so, what messages did you see in the app and in in your serial monitor?

What exactly do you mean by “simulation mode”?


Good day, Yes I have the blynk 1.0.1 application and here is the message displayed “you don’t have any devices connected yet”.
Thank you.

I’ve asked a lot of questions, and your and your answer hasn’t given us any real information to assist you to get online.
If you want assistance then you need to provide information.