Creating feature similar to blynk plant



Dear all.
I would like to create similar project as shown in the app.
1 end user can login with user name and password
2 then he can config the WiFi device
3 once device being connected it should pop up my application screen.

Currently I have written code where I am taking manually putting username and password with authorisation code while code uploading. When code upload the device start working as per configuration. But in reality. I wanna sell product to end user where WiFi and password differ from customer to customer. And also authorization code for accessing device.

1)Can someone guide me how can config my device like this application developed.
2)how it can me made available on Google play store.
3)how can I customize my icon instead of plant I wanna put company logo and wanna connect my device.

for this type of project, you need the commercial version of Blynk:
There, you can cover all of the requirements that you have and even more!

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