Creating automations for users?

Hello, I’m new to Pro and I’m trying to figure out how to do something efficiently.

Basically, I have a device that waters plants, but the selling point is that it’s largely plug-and-play for the end user. So, when they log in or very soon after, I want their automations to be set up for them.

The flow for users I see is they get Blynk, set up their device, and within 24 hours they are on a schedule for their individual plant based on my plant-care database.

Is there a way to quickly clone a set of automations for a new user? Or a way via the API to deliver a set of automations to a new user?

Thank you for the help!

Hey there,

When you invite users to your organization they will be able to see all automation you created.

if you would like to change this, go to the console/settings/roles and permissions and you should see something like this

Great to know! I’ll probably hide that as I’ll have a few dozen automations for various plants.

Is there a good way to assign those to a user?

Do you mean a specific user ?

Yeah, so in my onboarding, say I write in Aloe Vera as my plant. I need to get them the Aloe Vera automation, but I’m not sure I want them finding it in a list of plants.

Thanks for the help, I clearly don’t know how to articulate some of this stuff yet.

Will I’m not sure if this is possible or not, only blynk team can help you now.

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@upto0013 very curious to know about your product! Could you let us know the name/website? Or you can message me directly.

Nevermind! I just realized your site is in your bio. Thanks. I sent you an e-mail on your site.

OF course! The site has been kind of on the back burner while I worked on new features and Blynk updates, so it’s pretty vague!

DM if you want to talk specifics!

Hi there,

We are actually working on a new feature which will allow you to create recommended automations. This will be a part of Template. Basically, when you are a customers will install new device, they will be offered to use one of these predesigned scenarios.

Should be ready by the end of February


Great, thanks Pavel! Eager to see that.

Let me know if you need a beta tester =D

Curious @Pavel if this is still in the works. I have a few paying customers and the onboarding is a bit clunky when they have to create their own automation. I’d love to do it for them!


This is already done and live


Oh, awesome, I didn’t notice it. Thanks Pavel!