Creating a DIY project


I am working on to build a project using Raspberry Pi where I simulate the sensor data and i have couple of questions.

  1. Is it possible to share the mobile app project that I created with my teammates? If so, then how?
  2. Can I write custom code in the mobile app to communicate to a webserver?

pls let me know.

@badmad yes and yes. In answer to question one, share (not clone) your project.

cool, thanks costas. thats very good to know.

While reading your docs, i understand that the app that I am creating is all on the smartphone. I am not clear here how would I make a project out of it to share with others.

Very nice, Eugene. Thanks a lot. Appreciate your quick replies. :+1:

After going through the sharing part of the documentation, I have a better understanding. Here is what I want to do.

I want to share my project (just the app part) with them, however I want them to be able to bring in their own hardware and start using my app to control their hardware. My teammates are located pretty far geographically and I want them to be independent during our development cycle. Can I do this?

The Project is actually on the server not your phone.

Thanks @Costas. can you help with my previous query where I want to share my app with my teammates and allow them to connect to their Pis?

In that case you clone the project, not share, and they will then put their token in the required software.

Stop the project and look for the clone button. Then email the QR to yourself. Then forward to anyone you want and it will also include a url as well as the QR code. url only works with Smartphones not general PC browsers.

How are you controlling the Pi and are you using Blynk’s cloud server or a local server?

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Thanks for the reply.

I will use the Pis to send and receive data to the app and data represents the simulation of sensors. I am trying to create an end-to-end test environment for my project.

As far the servers, I plan to use local server.

Are you a coder?


I’m not saying you have to be a coder but it helps with the Pi as there are very few examples of how to use it as a MCU. For ESP’s, that are effectively super special Arduino’s at give away prices, there are loads of C++ code examples that Blynkers can borrow.

Thanks @Costas . I will keep that in mind. But I think Raspberry Pi will be sufficient for my need.

Thanks again everyone for the replies. Appreciate that.