Create my own Online Blynk Server

Hello at all, i saw that Blynk Local Server is used for create an own server where smartphone and arduino are connected to the same network. I would like connect to arduino when i’m outsime my home. Is it possible using my own server?

Hello. Yeap absolutely.

Ok thank’s i saw a post where you talk about that

You need to forward the correct ports on your router to the server.

I made a VPN server with my asus router. You can also make this with a Raspberry Pi running Blynk server and VPN server.

Now when I connect to the VPN on my phone, I can use my local blynk server anywhere.

it is possible but will be hard to apply and configure the server and open and secure the ports
not an easy task.

it seems what I am looking, could you explain me how you did it, i would like to do it on my pc.

A VPN server is probably overkill for most purposes. I’d suggest to follow the documentation (see top of page) and try to setup a working local server first. After that you can open it up to outside world using port forwarding.

Yup stay away from VPN’s unless your an IT expert.

Set up server on a local computer or device
Forward the 4 main ports on your router to the server
Enter your server external IP in to your project (or even set up a domain)

I forward just two ports and even that is probably too much. Your hardware will most likely be on the LAN, so you don’t need forwarding for that. Just for that App, so in essence, you will likely need 8443 to be forwarded to your server and nothing more :slight_smile:

Buuuuuuuut what if the hardware is not on the local network? :wink:

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Than you also need 8442 of course!

But that’s a potential security issue, because most hardware won’t talk SSL.