Create a load cell with NodeMCU ESP8266 send notifications


I am new to IoT development and for a personal project, I want to create a wifi-based load cell that will show the weight placed on a load cell and send alerts to my phone via SMS.

I have a NodeMCU ESP8266 Wifi module and a 10kg load cell connected to an HX711 board.

I need advice on how I can portably transmit the weight readings to my phone.

Blynk doesn’t have an SMS function, so you would need to either use Blynk’s push notification functionality, or use an SMS gateway which could probably be used with Blynk’s email functionality.

Personally, I’d start by searching the forum for HX711 and get your project working by displaying the weight reading in a labelled value widget within the app, then decide if you really need the SMS/Notification functionality and take it from there.