Crashed local Pi Server - Lost all credits

Dear Blynk community - Help…

Ive just had a second crash of the filesystem in my Raspberry Pi, Blynk has been working fine for nearly a month but once again on reboot the Pi filesystem appears corrupt and fails to reboot.

Rebuilding the Pi isnt a huge job but it raises two issues

  1. Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this filesystem corruption after running without fault for a month

  2. How do I recover the lost credits? First crash the app was created before credit were introduced and I lost them all but thought, hey lets buy some credits to support Blynk but now its crashed again and ive lost all the credits ive used I’m not keen to do it again.

Any ideas anyone has will be gratefully accepted :slight_smile:


It depends a bit on how long you have your Pi running and what other things you do with it. The most likely cause would be a bad SD card. SD cards aren’t made to handle a lot of small writes, which is wat an OS does. I’d try another card.

Also, depending on the log you choose (debug or info, or anything in between) the output of the log will make a lot of writes. I have the log files stored on a separate HD (USB attached to Pi), but you could also use any old USB stick. That way, if the stick crashed due to the log files not being written you don’t have to install the whole OS again.

I did wonder whether it might be the SD card?

The Pi doesn’t do anything else at all it’s a clean install with Java and Blynk server loaded over the top.

I like the idea of an external disk to store data then as you say there would be very few writes to to the main SD card. In fact I remember playing with booting from an external USB disk before, it still requires an SD to get going but the contents stored on it are minimal

Any idea how I can recover the credits for the applications? It’s a real downside of the own server option from what I can see.


I’ve had a lot of problems with PI’s and corrupt SD’s that seems to be related to the power supply, or the fuses. When I started powering through the header all my problems disappeared.

If you want the credits back on your local server, do a reinstall and create the user, then just go and edit the users data file (near the end).

Hi Nick

I think the power supply is good but when you say powering though the header do you mean via the main GPIO connector - i.e. you bypass any regulation / fuses on board?

Unfortunately I can’t get at the data files on the now corrupt Linux partition on the Pi, ive tried mounting the SD card from another Linux box but I think the filesystem is so corrupt it wont even mount.

Blynk moderators? Is there any solution to this?

Please don’t say I should have had a back up - yes ive kicked myself especially as its the 2nd time :slight_smile:

Yep, I put power into the GPIO connector and bypass the fuses.

If you setup the local server, create a user and look in it’s data file, you’ll see the bit to edit to put the credits back on.

If your credits were on the Blynk servers, then they should still be there.

Hello. There is nothing we can help you with. Local server mean you fully responsible for it. All data belongs only to you we don’t have access to it. Regarding payments - @NickM gave you a recommendation. I can’t give you more info :wink:

@Dmitriy and @NickM

Rebuilt and working again, Filesystem now on a 64Gb USB stick with just the minimal bits in the FAT partition on the SD Card… Mmm time for a backup I think

Thanks Nick - Nice tip :wink:

Dmitriy - Now I understand how credits work :smile: