Counting Bubbles

ok then, these are good news.
the more increments you see are correct, because when you think you touch once the pin with the wire it actually makes several contact so fast, and the interrupts can count them all.
so that is ok.

as for the mic, it should be investigated.
but here is 1.30 am, so now i go to sleep. we can investigate tomorrow.

Same here. thank you so much. You helped a lot.

By formatting here, we meen like this…

So that things like #define show up correctly (yours are missing)

I have re-edited your post. Feel free to check how it is done, for any future topics :smiley:

Bubble Detection Sensors exist…

Maybe you could try this route?

Nah… he wants an active bubble counter :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously… I was also wondering about using light instead of sound… seems more precise when channeled, as with aquariums and chem labs.