Could this be the ultimate Board to use for blynk?

Hey fellow blynkers and moderators,

I just saw this board on aliexpress for less than 7 dollars and I wanted to see what the community thought!,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_9

its basically an esp8266 in an arduino uno body that has arduino IDE compatability through a micro usb port. Also has built in power supply connector! Would this work out of the box with Blynk? Any ideas or thoughts? This could potentially be a way easier platform for beginners like me who really struggle connecting anything other than an ethernet shield.


While I was looking around in China this seemed any better. Any feedback from you experienced blynkers and staff before my purchase would be greatly appreciated!

it’s great for prototyping , but you lost the Small form factor of the ESP that can be integrated in a small product or

@ectoplasma I think so, you can check the pin out & further info at:

But I use this instead:

And use ESP8266/Arduino library rather than Lolin, and select Generic ESP8266 (original or overclock). WiFi connection is stable and very usable processing power (roughly 5 Blynk upstream message per second using local server, or 3 upstream message to


That is a real interesting product and way cheaper and compacter ! How do you configure the wifi settings and the board to accept arduino sketches?
Is it just plug and play upload sketch?

What are the “s” ports used for?

Simply install latest Arduino IDE, then follow three simple steps on this readme:

Then use Blynk example for ESP8266_Standalone. As I said, generic ESP8266 just works fine…
If you refer to SDx ports, they are actually pin out for the on board flash, but with careful usage, you can use up to 2x more external SPI devices. I think that is not supported by Blynk at the moment, but hey, the remaining ports already much for the price that you pay! :wink:


Thanks for the feedback, I am gonna order me one of those on the 11.11 sale for sure!
Plenty of pins for the money, I agree. Was just curious :smile:
Do you know anything about this mysterious shield?,searchweb201644_5,searchweb201560_9

For one project I need my mega to connect to blynk caus I need more pins than esp’s and uno’s can support. Would this be a good solution? I am aware that you can use a small esp as a shield too but this seems less time consuming.

I haven’t try ESP as Shield, but is available on Blynk example I believe.

I also need to use more pins especially extra ADC, and found that many if not all LinearTech devices have Arduino library already. Rather than having big Mega form factor, I use small ESP or Particle photon connected to few LTC2946. It works very well without writing library from scratch.

Blynk supports it via virtual pins.