Cost of using blynk

Hello excuse me for being stupid
I understand you get 2000 energy at the start that’s to see if the app is for you to see what can be done and then if it’s working and you want to make the project bigger then it starts costing the much deserved energy prices and each function you add costs a little to place on the dashboard but what I don’t understand is it says “every widget needs some energy to operate” to me that sounds like it costs for example for a button 200 energy then every time you operate that button function it costs 200 energy ? Or should it say to add the button function it costs 200 ?

Also so once you have created what you want on your project you can then finish it and save it as a app for energy free use ? And for the use of someone you send the app to ? For instance once final app is created it is kind of nothing to do with blynk any more?
Thanks for any help



Think of it like LEGO… you get a small box for free and can build and rebuild with the pieces you have… then you buy more and you can build and reuse more.

So as long as you only want to play around and reuse all the pieces, then you don’t need to keep buying more… but if you like to make something and keep it, but still build more, then you can buy more pieces (in this case energy), that allows use of more pieces :smiley:

Big difference… Blynk is much, much… much!!! cheaper than lego :stuck_out_tongue:

The energy you purchase is for use within your account only… so you can make, recycle and use all the different projects you want.

If you would like to share a project with someone, they can either share your account and you both see, make and use the same group of projects. Or you can just demonstrate (Share) a project to someone as a read only example… but that does cost energy (1000) and it is NOT recyclable!!


Thankyou for taking the time to reply to me you explained it so well. Now it’s time to start learning!!
Thanks once again