Cost of Blynk stopping me to start

Thanks, @Andre_Wa. I just went looking to see where that’s listed since I didn’t find mention of it on the “Plans and Features” page. Sure enough, if you scroll down the page and open the drop-down menu there is a listing: “Startup-Discounted.”

What determines if a company is worthy of the discounted rate of $99/month or if a company will be required to pay the double rate of $199/month? Is there a limit to the time the startup rate will be discounted?

I don’t know for sure 100%, but I’d be guessing that unless you are going to fully set out your business plan and company concepts on this public forum you will likely get more traction by contacting Blynk privately about their discounting policies?

Thanks, @Dave1829. I’m guessing you’re correct. I just assumed that since the discounted rate is publicly disclosed then the policies surrounding the discounted rate would also be publicly available.

Regardless, I love the app and I hope they can create a sustainable business out of it. For me, I’d love to have the option to purchase more energy to transfer to others when I give them my device. Monthly fees or adding the requirement for them to make separate purchases to use my device is a deal killer. But then I’m not sure people like me and some of the others in this discussion are Blynk’s target market and that’s okay, too. I’ll continue to use it where I can because it’s a great tool.

it must be a pretty weird ‘device’ if the end-user will see/feel no gains from paying to use the interface?

i don’t want to know what ‘it’ is, but surely for a small customer base (as you allude to) you can guide your end-user(s) through making a in-app purchase on their handset?

@Dave1829 No, not weird. Simple. It’s just a temperature monitoring device that would help my parents and their neighbors who are snowbirds to monitor their homes while they’re away. I’m not trying to make a business out of it.

But, yes, what “it” is isn’t really relevant to the discussion and of course they “will see/feel” gains. The problem I’ve found is that when people get in their late 80’s the more steps I have to guide them through the more difficult it is to get anything done. All I’m saying is that FOR ME I’d love a way to purchase energy and then transfer that to my folks. All they would have to do is scan the QR code and away they go.

Not a big deal, really. Just tinker stuff.

Instead of transferring can make a device and generate sharing QR code from your device(master device) & just share QR code.
Thats it.
Why you want energy on others device??
Just share QR code.

so why are you looking at it like a business? :slight_smile:

or is it that you have not actually read the Blynk FAQ (before raising “issues” with Blynk’s policies)?

Thanks, @saurabh47. I assumed they had to have enough “free” energy to power the app. Good to know it’s not necessary.