Copying the project config from browser (BLYNK legacy)

Dear Sirs, after many months that I didn’t involved with my Blynk projects (a few actually) it’s now the time to do some work mainly in order to “transfer” my projects to my local server from Blynk cloud.
I can’t remember the exact URL that is giving one project config I remember that the URL was something like the below but I missed something… BLYNK AUTH KEY / ???

Is there anybody that remember and willing to help me?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

If you would like to transfer a project to a local server, you can use clone

It will generate QR code you can share with anyone.

Yes, I know this way and thanks for the reply. The way that I am looking for give you all the project configurations in text on the browser…

Have you tried this

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Hi @mikekgr what you’re looking for is:



Thanks a lot guys.
Yes, that is what I looking for.

Best Regards to all of you!


Hi Mike
Good to hear you again!