Converting from Blynk Legacy

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void loop()

I have both ESP 8266 and ESP 32 devices with Auth codes that I used with blank legacy… I would like to continue having this capability which means I will have to switch to the new platform. I tried the new free version and it said you have not added any devices yet. When I clicked “add a device” it says you have exceeded the number of devices.

I would like to know what I have to change in the code and how to get the new version working. Is there a tutorial available ?


You have to start by adding templates, not devices.
This is best done from the web console.
Also in the web console you can create devices from your template(s) unless you are using Blynk Edgent, in which case you add them from the app as you’ve described.

If you can see devices in your web console initially then delete them.


You should read this

Thank you. I will do that.