Controlling multiple devices with same button

I’d like to use one Blynk project to control two neopixel rings connected to ESP8266s. So far I have the app controlling one of them exactly as I want, but ideally I’d like the app to control both of them simultaneously using the same button so that their actions are synchronized. Right now each button has the target option where you have to pick which device the button controls, but is there a way around this so that the button has both devices as targets?

Thank you in advance.

I assume you have separate ESP8266 devices?

You could use the BRIDGE widget so that when you press the button it does as you describe on the primary device via the Vpin . . . then use BRIDGE to virtualwrite to the other device.

I don’t believe it’s possible to have a single widget associated with two devices.


You could use tags.
Read this:


From what I can find, tags seem to have been discontinued because it isn’t as useful or needed by the most users.

Thank you for this suggestion! It seems like the way to go so I’ll give it a go.