Controlling DC motor using blynk with esp 8266

hi.i am total beginner.i want to control my garage door. So i using blynk to control 1 motor via module wifi esp 8266 (button on Blynk open/close door),i searched web but dont get mush help. Can some body help me ?

Google will have everything you need for proper hookup between ESP and motors… then once you have established that, Search this forum for key words like DC, Motor, Motor controller, Robot, Rover, etc.

Lots of information on controlling an established motor setup via Blynk… just please don’t expect hand-holding for what it predominantly a NON-Blynk issue (the initial electrical hookup).

thanks you for answer !.When i create topic,i read some topics (control 2 dc motor with blynk using raspberry pi or bluetooth …)but not what i need (control 1 dc motor with button on blynk) .sorry I’m not good know about code. :slight_smile:

You WILL need to learn… Blynk can do basics IoT stuff without much code, but motor control has a bit more effort involved… and 1, 2 or a 10 motors doesn’t matter as much as understanding the basics of such control. And those topics and example sketches will show you what you need to learn with effort and time. My simple Gunnerator Rover took me quite some time to get working with Blynk… and no handouts required from others.

What kind of DC motors will you be controlling? Do you know the voltage? Are you competent enough to meddle with the involved circuitry? If no, you’ll risk burning your garage down and if that’s attached to your house … well you get the point. As Gunner stated, this is a basic IoT solution, but you’ll also need to learn a how to build your circuit safely and also the code needed to run it. I might be able to offer a few different links to point you in a good direction, but none of them will by any means be all you need to know and much research will be required of you.

I would go for another solution: Buy a complete drive, and then safely and easily integrate it with IOT (where Blynk exists). Then the only thing you need to take care of, is to buy proper drive - with right motor and possibility to operate with external switches.

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What is it exactly that you need to do with this one motor?

What type of motor? Is it the one that already opens and closes the garage door? Isn’t that one AC powered?

Does that motor have any existing control methods, if so what are they? RF, IR, button, telepathy

I still suspect that this is not the correct place for proper answers… at least not yet… but need more input :stuck_out_tongue: to be sure.

As @Gunner says, most garage door openers operate from mains voltage. They require quite a bit of torque to lift the weight of the door, even with some gearing,
They generally tend to have limit switches or sensors on the drive mechanism to ensure that the mechanism stops at the correct point and doesn’t burn the motor out. There may also be safety mechanisms, manual open/close switches and some sort of remote control system.

If you’re planning to build your own using a DC motor then that will be quite a substantial project and the Blynk bit of the process will be fairly insignificant.

If you have an existing opener that you want to add Blynk to then you should search the forum for Garage Door Opener. There are several projects that others have built and shared, and numerous questions from people at various stages of similar projects.
Searching for DC Motor Control will give you information about robotics projects using PWM motor control, but these aren’t relevant to a high power DC motor or any type of AC motor.