Control one NodeMCU from two phone

Hi, I’m nerd at it right now. So I’ve no idea.

The thing is I live with my wife. And I’ve successfully load the right code today. But one little problem. I want to control one NodeMCU from two phone…Means I work 9 to 5 in day far away from home. When I’m not at home she will not be able to control same NodeMCU with her phone.
I know, I know. I can switch it from there but I want to give her the switches too…
Any solutions…?
Thanks a lot in Advance…

You have two options:

  1. log in to the Blynk app on your wife’s phone with your credentials.
  2. share the project and allow your wife to use the shared version

Option 1 gives your wife full control to edit, add delete widgets from the app.

Option 2 costs 1000 units of energy (which is non-refundable) but gives your wife a fully functional version of the project but without the ability to edit the app.
If you stop the project to edit it then your wife will get a message that the project is stopped and won’t be able to use it again until you start the project again (take it out of edit mode). Any changes you make to the project will be automatically updated to your wife’s version of the app without having to share it again.

The only potential issue with sharing is if you use time input widgets which may not work the same way for both users.


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Ok, start leaving alone… Issue solved.
Seriously, you can Share the project or the account you use for Blynk.

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