Control many devices with one virtual pin

Hi! I’m new to blynk, and I have 2 devices connected to my project. I was trying to control both of them using the same virtual pin, but I realized that I can only select one of them as the target of said pin.

Does any of you know if there is a way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You would need to use Bridge code to send a command from device 1 to device 2.

If you look at the sketch builder Bridge example, and if necessary search the forum for examples you’ll see how it’s done.


Thanks! I’ll check it.

If I don’t get it wrong, you can create a TAG from the device tab in the settings. If you select two devices and use TAG during pin assignment, the data you send will be transmitted to both devices in the same way.

You can see the example of TAG below. The buttons I marked in the program send the same data to my 3 devices via TAG.