Control a nodemcu from different mobiles

Tengo una aplicación con un nodemcu, pero quiero controlar ese dispositivo (nodemcu) desde diversos moviles. ¿Puedo compartir una aplicacion para controlar un mismo dispositivo(nodemcu)?


I have an application with a nodemcu, but I want to control the device (nodemcu) from various mobiles. Can I share an application to control the same device (nodemcu)?

Yes, sharing the app costs 1000 energy units.
People using the shared version of the app can’t put the app into edit (stopped) mode, and can’t delete data from your Superchart.
If you stop the app to edit it then your shared users will receive a message saying that the app is stopped, and that won’t be able to use it while it’s stopped.
When you re-start the app then any changes you’ve made will be reflected in the shared copies without the need for you to share again.