Consumes a lot of battery on my smartphone

Hello everyone.
I have a problem, Blynk application consumes a lot of battery on my smartphone, I have to force stop to avoid the problem. Is this normal? Is there any solution?
In the sketch arduino (I use a esp8266) there is a SyncAll

Hi what device/android version are you using?
Also, what if i will send you a build with logging app behaviour and you will send me a log after using app and some time of it in background, so i’ll have some possibility to check why it s working in such way on your device?

Just replied in other thread I am experiencing the same with last updates in my LG G4 android 6.0

Im willing to do the logging, ofc.

@BlynkAndroidDev please provide build with logging.

You could use this build:

To send log you need to make a long press on screen title (black text on green actionbar), then select a mail client (gmail), and enter my email: and send it.

For this issue: app needs to be used for some time, and then for some longer time left app in background and then open again and send a log.

Hi, I am also having the similar problem. Can you please let me know how much minimum time we need to have the app running to capture the useful information for you? Few hours or a day etc., ??

I think few hours should be enough, even an hour, but it would be greate if you send several times the log - after an hour and after several hours - who knows, but it could help

Also guys, please add your device model and OS version

Hi, I use the Arduino 1.6.7
My device is a Moto G13 and Android 5.1
I’m trying to send a log.
I guess you have to press on the green bar where the title of the current project appears.
I press for more than 10 seconds and nothing happens ¿?
Only when I click on the square that tells me is running the stop word appears below, as indicating that is where execution stops.
Sorry for my bad English, it is the google translator .

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Just installed.

Problem is the app stays in the background forever (this morning it had 2h of “keep alive” after I opened it for the first time after reboot) causing drain and heating.

Yep, we understood that it happens due to some reason. I’ve added a link to logging build, log file from which could helps us to understand why on some devices app still works in background, as it is not reproducable on our devices

You need to press on the text on that green bar

Just sent a log. It’s keeping my phone alive since I opened the app today.

Hello again,
I press on the text “prueba1” and nothing happens, do not know how to send the log-
I can send screen that provides the same information as is Glorifiedg.

@EL_TORRU please confirm you have installed the debug version of the app.

Have you installed the app by the link above? Also for log sent screen - you need to make a log press on that text…

Also could you check this build and write use does it still consumes a lot of battery? we have made some fixes for this issue

I think the problem is resolved.
Had turned off the “keep alway on screen” option in “project setting” I have set, as shown in the picture and takes more than 20 hours without shows signs of excessive consumption, (1%)!.
I deleted the previous post because the auth token of a old project that looked.
Otherwise the application works me very well.
thank everyone for their help.

Can you please let me know the link to download build with logging? Blank app is consuming 12% of the battery on my Moto G4 Plus( Android version: 6.0.1)

Are you on 1.13.3 build? Are you also using ‘keep always on screen’?
We’ll soon release a new build, if this issue will not be resolved with it - i’ll add here link to a logging build

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Yes, I am on build 1.13.3. I just noticed “keep screen always on” is on for one of my project. I just turned it off now. Will monitor and report back in couple of days.