Connectivity issue after recent update!

Dear reader,

I have a custom board with an ESP32C3 chip. The latest update was last week, by Espressif. For some reason we can no longer connect to QWPA only it seems. Perhaps worth a look for potential fixes?

After implementing the firmware these problems begin:

-with the router set to WPA provisionning works, but the device fails to connect the net.
-with the router set to WPA2 the provisioning process cannot be completed, the app fails to complete after selecting the device

MCU is ESP32C3
Platform is arduino, core 2.0.3

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It might be worth checking if this issue still exists with ESP32 Core version 2.0.3-RC1

To access the development releases in the Arduino IDE you can use these instructions:


Dear Pete,

We already tried that.

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And then the problems begin…