Connection With device was interputed

blynk team
once i DELETE device from my cloud then i re add the same device , after that my customer try to reconfig the wifi network there will show network name and asiking for wifi user name and password as well after they type wifi password then at the end showing this "Connection With device was interputed " (try reconnection to the device one more time )
1)i restate my device 3times (also wont work)
2) i will try to change my wifi (also wont work)
3) i will try 10+ times it will same issue (also wont work)
4) i will send logs as well
i attached here the screenshot of the device please check , and this issue not 1st time for me previos too i give complaint until now wont solve

i hope you hear me soon
Best Regard

Hello. Thanks for the report. Have you send the logs?

Thanks for replying
Send allready

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