Connection prob

after about a week my device was unable to connect with the blynk server, before there was no problem at all… ping to and my device its really fine. help me, what should i do?

• Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield
• Blynk server

Those Ethernet shields can really be quite problematic, especially the W5100 variety.
If you have an LED on the shield that’s flashing at high frequency then just keep hitting the reset button on the shield until you eventually get a different result with the LEDs.

I put up with these for about 6 months until I finally abandoned the Ethernet shield, along with the Arduino, and went for a self-contained NodeMCU device using Wi-Fi instead…


Thanks for your answers…

I see there is no LED indicator that blinks fast, everything seems normal, and I have tried resetting dozens of times. I think why one week before all was well just by using 5100 shield… is there damage to my ethernet shield?

I have tried using nodeMCU, but there is a problem with the irRemote project on rawcode transmission. any example code for rawcode transmission?

previously I only used this code, and it worked well…

#include <IRremote.h>

int khz = 38;
unsigned int irSignal[] = {4000, 3900, 600, 1850, 550, 1950, 550, 1900, 550, 1950, 550, 900, 600, 900, 550, 1900, 550,950, 450, 2050, 550, 900, 550, 1950, 550, 900, 550, 950, 550, 950, 550, 900, 600, 900, 550, 1950, 550, 1900, 550, 950, 550, 1900, 550, 950, 550, 1900, 550, 950, 550, 1900, 550};

irsend.sendRaw(irSignal, sizeof(irSignal) / sizeof(irSignal[0]), khz);

I use raw IR codes with my NodeMCU all the time.
You need the IRremoteESP8266 library. Version 2.5.5 is the latest.
When you compile your code, turn on verbose output and check that the correct library has been used.