Connecting to wifi that requires agreement to Terms and Conditions

Hi Blynkers!

I wanted to connect my MKR1000 to my university’s open wifi and use to do stuff. Although that wifi is open source, it does require one to Agree to some ‘Terms and Conditions’. I tried setting Auth to “”, and that obviously does not help. What to do to connect in this case?

@Parth_Chansoria Auth is the Blynk token and will always be required, I assume you mean WiFi password as “”.

Oh sry my bad. Yeah I set the password to “”

@vshymanskyy do you know how this could be handled?

@Parth_Chansoria, I assume your school’s wifi just adds a MAC address to an approved list after you agree to the “Terms and Conditions”.

If I were in your shoes, I would try to craft an HTTP request (get or post) from the MKR1000 that simulates clicking “Agree”. Hopefully, it’s a simple request that’s only required once (not for each session). Take a look at what your web browser does when using a computer or phone. It might as simple as http://mySchoolURL/agree.html&Agree=true.

Here’s a sample of an HTTP request using an ESP8266. You should be able to adapt it to the MKR1000 without much trouble.

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Get a cake and deliver it to the system operator and ask if he can add the MAC address to the permanent allow-list. They do it for themselves too probably … ( it’s what I have done, LOL).


I think the cake option is the simplest one :wink: Thx @Lichtsignaal!

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Short testimony from my side.

I was in the same situation : MKR1000 + open HotSpot WiFi with username and password to log in.
I’ve tried implementing an HTTP request (as also suggested by gAtlOnTh in this post above) but failed.
At some point I was even able to involve the IT team because they think more and more of such requests may come in the future with IoT and they would like to be prepared.

After many attempts where they were checking whether my HTTP request was received or not, etc. we could not still connect. They thus decided to open me a dedicated WPA network with hidden SSID which will expires in 6 months.