Connecting to Server

I am having trouble connecting. If I type in my password, I get a message that says wrong password. If I enter it a second time, it just says connecting and never connects. The last time this happened there was an update to the server. However there was an email notification advising of that. I am not sure if the connection issue is on my end or not?


Hello mpo881,

we applied new security constraints during our preparation for launch. Pavel was supposed to send an email, did you receive it?
We started review process for APPs and according to apple rules we are not allowed anymore to provide test APPs for our early users. So right now you have only 2 options : either wait 1-2 weeks until review process is finished, either launch local Blynk server locally.
Sorry for inconvenience. Maybe @Pavel could suggest something more in case this is critical for you.



Thanks for the reply. I guess maybe I didnt see the email? Anyway, now I know.

Thank you

I’m having the same problem with a fresh Blynk install on Android.
Surely the Android app should be up to date with the server ?


Guys, just sent an email about what’s going on.

Sorry for the mess.

I’m now trying to connect back with the Cloud server, trouble is, I’ve changed
the address in the app to my local server, and I can’t find what the hostname
of your server is. Is this documented anywhere?


It should be

But apps wont connect to it due to updated security