Connecting to Blynk.360

I cannot use Blynk.360.
I have edit my Template ID and Device Name.

And I’ve connected the Iphone to my Kit through wifi.
Nothing happened. Would you mind helping me?
the app shows 3 dots but nothing has happened…

What exactly does this mean?


Thank you for your suppoert.FullSizeRender

Your screenshot doesn’t tell me much, an explanation of what you are attempting to do would be better.
If you are trying to connect your Blynk app to the WiFi of your device then that won’t work.
The Blynk app needs to connect to the Blynk server.


I was trying to connect ESP8266 to using Blynk.Edgent from the library.
I have edited my Template ID and Device Name according to what Ive got from the site.#define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID “”

I use the IOS version.
After uploading the file to esp8266 the Blynk app 2.26.7(1) kept showing 3 dots.

@vshymanskyy @Eugene any guidance on troubleshooting wifi provisioning?

You using the old (legacy) blynk app.
For Blynk.360 please use new app, called Blynk IoT - ‎Blynk IoT on the App Store

I see.
Thank you.
Is the new app (Blynk IoT) only works with WIFI?
I’m using Sigfox , lora.

No. You can use static tokens as well -

Thank you.
In library(Blynk.Edgent)
There is no “char auth[] = “YourAuthToken”;”.
All information is about wifi. There is no information about Lora or sigfox.

You wouldn’t use Edgent in your case.

I’d suggest that you post an example Blynk 0.1 sketch and it will be easier to guide you through the process of modifying it to work with Blynk 2.0

This may be as simple as adding-in the #define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_IDand#define BLYNK_DEVICE_NAME` lines of code.