Connecting to a Ting Hotspot

Hello all,

I am currently working on a project, and I can connect to the Blynk servers with no issues on my home wifi or even my phone hotspot, but when I try and use a cellular hotspot, it does not seem to want to connect. Any clues as to why this is happening?

Blynk uses an (App <-network-> Server <-network-> Device) link, with specific open networking port requirements (8443, 8442 & 8441)… so if any of these network requirements or connections are not available, then the system cannot work

For Example, Blynk uses a few different Cloud Servers… each is completely independent of the other, as is any Local Server you may build… so if your Cellular Hotspot either links to a different server then the one your account is on (say when traveling), or blocks the specifically required ports (as many hotspots do for security), then no connection and no worky.

I have an Alcatel MW41TM Hotspot and I am using Ting as the carrier. Any ideas on how to unblock the port or port forward? Also, would creating a local server instead help?

You would need to ask them, not us.

If your issue is using a Cell hotspot… then no, it probably wouldn’t help, as you would still need to have full network and port access to your own server.

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Geo DNS should no longer be a problem. We solved it.

This may be a dumb question, but what is that exactly?

But with Cell hotspots, port forwarding (or rather blocking) is more likely the issue.