Connecting nodemcu esp8266 with using mobile hotspot

Hi every one
I just bought a NodeMCU esp8266,
first tested connectivity to “home router wifi” and Blynk server and controlled a LED over the Blynk App. all went well. BUT…
But, when tried to connect to “mobile hotspot wifi”, it wouldn’t connect to the Blynk server!
debugging on serial monitor shows:
Connecting to
[943922] Login timeout

can you help with this issue?!


To a degree, it depends on your phone and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.
If you’re phone is connecting to GSM and you’re creating a WiFi hotspot from that connection then it most likely won’t work.


Dear Mr.Pete
Thank you for your kind reply…
my phone is OPPO, and i’m trying to achieve a portable system using NodeMCU with mobile hotspot. I didn’t like the idea of being stationary nearby home wifi router.
as you expected, my phone is connected to cellular internet ISP. and the connection to could NOT be established!!.

so, if you managed such issue before!!! please let me know how to get out of this obstacle.

many Thnx

Finally… it works over mobile hotspot.
the issue was the port number 80,
i just changed the port number to 8080 and finally got my NodeMCU connected to the via my mobile hotspot wifi.

best wishes for every one