Connecting BLE with a running project

Is it possible to connect to Bluetooth after the app is already running? I have tried sharing my created app to another phone and they can’t connect to the board because they can’t stop the app to connect to the Bluetooth. I believe I would have the same issue even if I published the app and used different Auth Tokens, right?

My created app works great on my iphone connecting via BLE widget but I always have to stop the app to connect and then start the app again.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Sharing is more for demonstration purposes. However, cloning your project will give the other users editing and connection abilities with their own hardware.

I don’t know how well a published App would utilise BT/BLE… but that is a good question for the business side of Blynk -

Thanks @Gunner for the help, huge fan. Your advice to others had a huge impact on my current project, keep up the good work. I will work with the business side from here and see where it goes. Thanks again.

Well, thank you! You, and that one other guy who tolerates me, are both welcome :rofl:

Who?!? :joy:

I may have taken some “artistic” liberty with that number :stuck_out_tongue:

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