Connecting Arduino Sensors to Blynk Using RPI3 and I2C

Does anyone have any experience connecting their Arduino Sensors to Blynk using an I2C connection with a Raspberry Pi3? I am trying to automate a hydroponics lab, but due to network security issues in my school building, I am only able to connect via my RPI3 using an ethernet connection.

Can you elaborate? Why can’t you just use the RPi by itself? Most “sensors” will work equally well on an Arduino or RPi, just differences in programming language and/or sensor libraries.

Or are you referring to a fully functioning Arduino/Sensor(s)/Sketch combo (effectively a form of intelligent sensor hub of it’s own), and you just want to share info back and forth between an RPi running Blynk?

I currently have the RPi interfaced with a touchscreen that serves as a way to view the Blynk dashboard when observing the hydroponics station. It also plays an introductory video upon tripping a PIR sensor so viewers are educated about what they are observing. Accessing the GPIOs is difficult because of this setup. In addition, a number of my sensors (pH, EC) require analog pins which are far easier to attach to the Arduino.

My goal is to have two Arduino Unos (or 1 Mega) (for weather/reservoir variables and controlling 8 relays for fans/lights/chillers) serving as slave devices to the RPI3 acting as the Master. I would like the RPI to serve the sensor data to the Blynk website so that I can view the widgets remotely and have access to the relay control from the app.