Connect to local Blynk server from another remote location

Hello Everyone,
I have my local Blynk server running on Raspberry Pi. I also have my NodeMCU devices connect to the Blynk server fine.

When I move the device from my home to my friend house (yes, I have his WiFi SSID and Password in the code), the device was able to connect to his WiFi but CAN NOT connect to my local Blynk server. Does anyone know what am I missing?

FYI, I can see my Blynk projects from Blynk app on my phone using mobile data from outside

Here is the code that I have to connect to the WiFi

        #include <ArduinoOTA.h>
        char ssid[] = "WiFi_Name";                                  
        char pass[] = "WiFi_Password";                            
        char server[] = "";                     
        int port = 8080;                                      
        #define USE_LOCAL_SERVER                              
        #define OTA_HOSTNAME                    "Temperature_NEW_IT_Room_MAC-56EC"
        #define AUTH  "Authorization code"     

The Serial Monitor display:
Connecting to

and it keep trying and trying…

Do you have port 8080 on your router forwarded to your local server’s IP?


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