Connect to blynk via external network

Hi guys, sorry if you didn’t understand something, I’m using google translate to translate

I come again to ask for your help, I have my project with Blynk using an Arduino Wemos board that contains the ESP8266. In the local network it works normally, but I would like to access it remotely from other networks, how do I do this?

With your explanation i think you are using the old platform Blynk 1.0 with local server… if so you will have to port forward your router, in order to access your devices from outside your local network.

I would suggest you to move your projects to the blynk’s cloud server… so that you need not worry about port forwarding n stuff.


Which port should I do this?

Port 8080 and 9443.

This is not as simple as it seems. If your service provider is blocking any of these ports, then you cannot do so.

Go through this post

Mr @PeteKnight has explained everything here.

You don’t need to forward port 8080 unless your devices (ESPs etc) are on a different network to the server.