Connect to Blynk Server with credentials


I read in the documentation that it is possible to connect with Blynk Server as a client with the user credentials instead of an API key. I am working on a software project in which this is really useful. (I need to get the dashboards).

I am using blynk-library-js for my project, and last night vshymanskyy added a browser example using the new Web Socket connection. This example does not seem to work when I try to connect to the official Blynk Server, so I am now using a local Blynk Server (0.12.4, the one with Web Sockets support) The problem is that I cannot get the login working with credentials instead of the API key. I have tried everything I could think of, but without succes.

Is there anyone who knows why, and how to fix it? Possibly this is just not implemented (yet).

Thanks for your help.


Hello. That’s correct. Websockets are for hardware connection. Not for app/client side. At the moment there are 2 ways to get dashboards:
a) Via administration panel. (URL example : https://local_server_ip:7443/admin/users/USER_EMAIL) - not recommended as it has no auth and not supposed to be public available (but for experiments may be ok for now);
b) Via TCP client. You may take our java client or create your own.;
c) NOT IMPLEMENTED. We will add dashboard HTTP API soon. So you will be able to get dashboard using your token.

Thanks for the clarification. Actually I kind off overlooked the client directory. I will take a look at your java TCP client and I will probably rewrite it in JS.