Connect Leonardo to Android Tablet and use Blynk


I’m new to this community, so hello to everybody.

I like the concept and the user interface of Blynk very much.
I have one question, as I probably got something wrong.

Can I connect the Arduino Leonardo board directly to the USB port of an Android tablet ( which is not only physically possible, but also works with other programs ) and use Blynk for the user interface?

I’m asking this, because for me it looks like the concept for the Arduino boards is, that they should be connected to a windows pc or a linux machine. The serial stream is re-routet to the cloud of and forwarded to the Android tablet, using the authentification code as reference.
This would always envolve an additional computer ( e.g. the windows pc ). My wish is it to connect the board directly to the Android tablet. Bluetooth is no alternative for me at the moment.

Thanks for your kind understanding

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We don’t support direct OTG connection. Blynk was initially designed for the Internet of Things, which means at least… no wires :wink: