Connect Internet via the phone instead of PC

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As I know, the Arduino board can connect to a phone via Bluetooth connection and Blynk can then communicate with the server via the phone’s GSM network. Due to some limitation, if Blue tooth connection is not so stable, is it possible to connect the board to a phone using a USB cable, or OTG cable (not connect to PC USB port)?

What is the software / hardware requirement I need to implement it?

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I know that since 2012 a lot of guys are trying to do something like this… we are at 2018… and as i readed some time ago… the problem still without solution…

Why not use a wifi shield or a simple esp01? If the phone is an android… you can share phone’s internet via wifi?

I remember some articles talking about some guys that made it to “work” with arduino mega using a RAM shield due to the low memory that the arduino has is insufficient for do all it’s neccesited for make it works properly