Connect esp to specific bssid

hi,i using esp8266 with blynk that working perfect, but i recently added a wifi repeater with same ssid and pass but the esp8266 doesnt connect to nearest one and create problems.can some give code to connect to wifi with bssid.
i am using simple blynk code from blynk web browser just for control 1 relay

Did you try switching it all off and booting in order. Router, extender, then ESP?

everything work awesome,but i want to connect specific bssid

Youโ€™ll need to set-up your own WiFi connection then replace Blynk.begin with Blynk.config and Blynk.connect.
The syntax for these commands is different to Blynk.begin, so do a search to see how itโ€™s done.

More info here:

Of course the alternative is to set-up a second or guest SSID just on your router and use that with your existing code.