Connect Blynkers

Hey there blynkers. This is an idea for the blynk app itself. How about a feature whereby a blynker chooses to connect to other blynkers nearby. Maybe a map-based feature would be cool. I realise this is not a prioriry but could be useful as blynk is bound to grow!!


I’m afraid that would be not secure =). But when we’ll implement profile sharing I think there we could do something similar - like public profiles, not exactly the same, but similar.

Oh Actually I dont mean sharing blynk projects. Something like a feature that use gps and map function to look for persons around who also use blynk. Blynkers can choose to share or not share their location. Would this not be secure!? But I guess this could make the Blynk app messy. Haha maybe someday there could be another app, like a Blynk assistant- for managing profiles, forums, communities etc.