Connect arduino ETHERNET shield via PC

can i connect my w5100 ethernet shield via pc instead of router ?

Are you saying that you want to set-up a private network (not connected to the internet) with Blynk server running on your PC?
If so, how are you planing to connect your Android or iOS mobile device running the app?

I think we need more info about what you’re trying to achieve before we can help.


i have done my final project that contains blynk, so i have arduino uno attached with an ethernet shield.
to connect the arduino to internet i plug it to my router using ethernet.
the day that i have to present my it i have to show to the jury my work that required an ethernet internet connection
so my qst is how can i onnect my arduino to enternet via the laptop ethernet port?.
PS: the PC is connected to internet via WIFI

Google for that… it is a method of sharing a PC’s internet with other networked PCs (or in this case the Arduino shield) and most definitely NOT a Blynk forum issue.

You’ll need to google Wi-Fi and Ethernet Bridging.


Just use Windows Internet sharing. Connect the Windows PC to internet via Wifi and share the Ethernet connection.