Connect and ESP8266 12-E to local server

I have successfully set up my local server now but I am having some issues connecting and ESP 8266 12-E to it. I have been able to connect via the app to my admin account and can navigate to and log in to the admin UI to get the auth token for the project.

I have changed my sketch to the following:

Blynk.begin(auth, SSID, pass, IPAddress(172, 16, 0, 39), 8080);

The auth, SSID and pass variables are declared above that line as char arrays.

At this point I cannot connect the app to the device.

probably redundant but you’ve checked whether the local server is actually running? Also checked whether the IP address of the local server is correct? Also are both units directly connected to the same router? (so not another router/switch in between)?