Confused with bridge widget

My academic project using nodemcu and blynk is 90% done… In order to complete it I think I need the help of bridge widget.
I have 2 nodeMCUs with me… When D5 pin of nodemcu A goes high then, D5 pin of nodemcu B must also go high
Can I do it with bridge widget??? Can someone please help me…

Yes you can, but you can also add multiple devices to one dashboard which is much easier. You can than use the Eventor widget to set up what you want.

Can 2 devices be controlled with 1 eventor??
In 1 eventor widget the option shown is to enter only 1 device eg: if D5 of nodemcu A goes high then D2 of the same nodemcu A can be made high…
Is it possible to add 2 devices to 1 eventor widget???

I just looked and that can’t be done… lol, would be a nice feature request. I’m going to ask that.

But for now you have to use the Bridge widget. It’s written in the documentation how to do that (top right of this page, under Docs).

Thank you for the response sir