Confirmation on this coding

Can someone tell me , what’s the function of this coding ? Im not sure can I use this coding to my project

//#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial

#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h>

// You should get Auth Token in the Blynk App.
// Go to the Project Settings (nut icon).
char auth[] = "BlynkAuthToken";

// Your WiFi credentials.
// Set password to "" for open networks.
char ssid[] = "YourWiFiSSID";
char pass[] = "YourWiFiPass";

  String textIn = param.asStr();
  Serial.print(textIn + "\n");

void setup()
  // Debug console

  Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);

  Serial.print("Blynk Ready\n");

void loop()

When text is entered into a text input widget attached to pin V0, the contents of the widget will be assigned to local string variable textIn
That variable will then be printed to the serial monitor, followed by a new line (carriage return) character (\n)

Personally, I’m not a fan of using Serial.print with \n, I prefer to use Serial.println instead, but that’s really just personal preference.


Ohh thanks Pete ,
Is it possible for displaying the text we entered in the text input widget , and displaying it thru LCD i2c ?

I don’t really understand the question.


What im trying to say , did you know any command should be add on the code i sent just now , for displaying back the text we entred to the LCD i2C

If you’re asking “How do I also write this data to the LCD display, as well as the serial monitor” then you’ve been given many pointers on that subject in your other topic.
I’m not going to start repeating those things here, so if your issue raised in the previous topic hasnt been resolved then I’d suggest that you go back to that topic and provide some feedback about your progress there.

If that’s not what you’re asking then please clarify.