Confirmation of User + Organization Setup

Firstly, yes I have checked the community and read the docs, and I understand the basics. However I am just looking for some confirmation on what I am planning so I don’t have to re-do things! So thanks in advance for your help.

We have a couple of products (more coming in the future) and we are selling them to consumers. Due to the information that Automations are limited based on Organization each user/customer needs to be in their own organization (does this include sub-organizations?).

My question is, is the best practice to create a new “main” organization for each user, or is it to create a single “main” organization and then create sub-organizations for each user (assuming this still works for automations).

Each user could have multiple products, either the same or different.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It’s up to you. The limit is per organization, not per “organization hierarchy”. So if you plan to use autoamtions for every user it’s better to have users in own orgs.

@Dmitriy thanks very much for your reply. I’ve read it over several times and I THINK I understand, but just to be 100% can you confirm? lol Which of these is correct?

  1. ORG#1 - 50 Automations

  2. ORG#1 - 50 Automations
    Sub-ORG#1 - Using ORG#1 Automations
    Sub-ORG#2 - Using ORG#1 Automations

  3. ORG#1 - 50 Automations
    Sub-ORG#1 - 50 Automations
    Sub-ORG#2 - 50 Automations

I believe you meant that #1 and #2 are correct and #3 is NOT correct.

Thanks again for your help.

The limit is per organization, so every sub org has it’s own limit, so #1 and #3 are correct.