Commercial Deployment Hardwre for Blynk

I have been playing with Blynk on an Arduino Mega board with Ethernet shield. But Arduino seems not to be a deployment board. Lots of time it stops working or whatever.

I was asking what are slandered board I can use with Blynk which won’t create any problem, which can work constantly for 24*7

@Jivan with effort the Mega and Ethernet shield can be made to run 24/7 but you should look at the plug and play ESP8266 development boards. Available from $3 so not much to lose if you decide they are not for you.

There is a reason they are called “development” boards… :wink:

While they can be used for small run commercial deployment, the chipsets themselves are usually “attached” to commercial PCBs after much testing… and ESP as standalone would still be best for that in a commercial IoT application.

@Jivan use esp 8266 bcoz, its a micro-controller with WiFi connectivity , it have more than 5 gpio and i2c pin aswell as more than 2 pwm pins . therefore you can easily utilize it for commercial purpose such a product like a home automation or industrial statistic analysing .

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Thanks guys for your suggestion I will try ESP8266

@qkarthi any possible of doing it with stm32?

Any particular reason why you want to use the stm32?


i love to work with stm mainly for its serial x 3 and its clock speed ( 72mhz ).