Coding Arduino for Blynk with Java?

I am working on a project with Arduino and ESP8266 module, I was using the blynk example but it is in C++, and my teacher wants me to use Java, is there a way to do so?

If by Java you mean JavaScript, then yes… sorta… The RPi uses Blynk and Node.js, but there are very few and somewhat scattered examples floating around, so it is NOT a beginner level process.

I don’t know if or how you can utilise JavaScript with ARM or ESP based microcontrollers though.

No, I actually mean the Java programming language.

Then I don’t think you have an option.

As far as I am aware, Blynk runs mostly on C++, limited examples on Node.js and I think there might be some experimental forays into Python, but thats all I know of.

If you want to use java, you can renounce to using the library and make HTTP requests directly to the REST API

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