Codes - Need Help (Using MEGA & ESP8266)

I’m new in Arduino and Blynk.
I found some codes from internet for my project. But these codes not for Blynk. How can I use these codes in my Blynk project ?
I’m using Arduino Mega and Esp8266. Must I upload my all codes esp for control from blynk ?

Hello and Welcome to the Blynk Forum.

There are many resources here to help you learn how Blynk works, so that you can learn to control anything you want.

At the Upper Right of this page there are links to the Documents, Help Center and Sketch Builder, where you can learn the commands and see many example sketches that will help you get started.

You can also search this forum for keywords that might bring up other topics full of questions, ideas and even some code, suitable for using a Mega with an ESP… both of which can use the same C++ code. But in your case, you could setup the ESP as a WiFi adapter and install Blynk on the Mega.

Perhaps start here…

Or just use the Mega by itself via USB…

And the ESP by itself via WiFi…

Happy Blynk’n :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer.
I understand that ; I will upload Blynk Esp code to Esp8266 and than upload other codes to Arduino Mega. Is it correct ?

Well, not really… for the most part, Blynk is the same overall code on either ESP and Arduino.

But ESP has WiFi and Arduino usually has more I/O options. So sometimes an ESP can be made to act like just a WiFi to serial adapter for communication while the Arduino runs all the code and I/O. That was the first “ESP8266 with AT Firmware” link that I provided.

You could also just run Blynk on either/both the ESP and/or Arduino and link them to the Blynk server and/or each other via many different ways… USB, serial, I2C, etc.

Keep reading the Help Center and Documentation to understand more.