is shutting down

For those of you who missed this news codebender project will be fully closed in next few months. More info here. Interesting part I had found is :

Fun fact: At this moment, running codebender costs roughly $25,000/month.
The drilldown is roughly:

  • $5K Amazon + mLab hosting
  • $3K extra services (intercom, mailchimp, dropbox, gmail, slack etc)
  • $1K accounting/payroll overhead
  • $1K all office expenses
  • $15K salaries



Iโ€™m really sorry to hear that. They were pioneers in this space, providing something really different from others. They were also very supportive during Blynk Kickstarter campaign. Their CEO, Vasilis is a true open-source believer and amazing person. Iโ€™m sure it was a very hard decision to make.

Doing business with maker community is tough. People are eager to pay for hardware but are not used to pay for software, that saves so much time and brings convenience.

I hope that the pivot they take will enable them to continue the amazing work they did.


I wonder if the fact that they never supported anything beyond Arduino V1.0.x compatibility had anything to do with lowering their popularity? There were many platforms that werenโ€™t supported because they required Arduino 1.5.x or higher.

Thanks god, theres Arduino create!
Unfortunately Arduino create is full of glitches!