Client get logged out of shared project

I use the project sharing feature to share my project with 2 friends.

They don’t have an account, the just use the “qr scan” feature on the login screen.

After approximately 1 or 2 weeks, they get logged out of the project, and I have to give them the Qr code again :frowning:

They don’t get logged out at the same time, it is quite random in fact.

Both of my friends are running IOS, I’m running android.

This issue has been there since a long time, maybe 5 month or so…

Any solution ? It is very annoying

I experience the same thing

Thanks for reporting, we will have a look.

I also have been experiencing this. My wife has had to redo the app several times. in the past 6 months.

Yes it still happens sometimes, at this point I have printed a qr code for my friend so they can do it themselves, but sometime the printed one doesn’t work anymore and has to be refreshed