Clear terminal at all connected devices

I want to create the project which will be use some password, which will be entered via terminal.
There is a shared project, so I don’t need to share my password with others.
After entering the password and press Enter, the password will be showed at all users. I can put the command terminal clear, but I beleive, it will clear only my terminal, not others. Please advice, if there is the way to clear the terminal or maybe text input widget at all devices immediately after entering the password.


You should test these things out before posting.

What you type into the Terminal shouldn’t show on a Share anyhow, nor will the echoed result after hitting enter. It is only data sent to the terminal that will also show on the Share.

This also holds true if the 2nd phone is also logged into the same account. Only the phone being typed on will show the entered and echoed text. But both will show any text sent to the Terminal from the sketch… so don’t do that with your password :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At least this is how it works on my experiments… Test it yourself and see :wink:

PS, clearing the terminal on one should clear them all. Best way I have found is with this command…

Blynk.virtualWrite(vPin, "clr");

This is not accurate. Entered text to terminal is synced across all phones.

Well, I only tested across three different Androids at the same time… perhaps iOS is different? I didn’t test with my iPhone 4s as it is just to slow and painful to use at times.

Look like a bug on Android. Low priority since we don’t really declare real-time syncing between phones. Try relaunching the app or just hit stop/run button.

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I see… well, I don’t care if it does or not :slight_smile: I was just testing for the OP… and that is how it appears to be.

@DoMoney And unless it is also 'buggy" the Text Input widget is an option… as entering the text also didn’t show real time on any other device logged in or shared. Only after hitting enter did the text appear on the other phones.

So if you immediately send back a " " to it, after the associated function receives your password, it will be barely a notable flash on all other devices… if even that.

OK, that will then show any text, after hitting enter in the terminal, on the other phone (the one on which the stop/start was done). But same thing applies, if entered text is immediately followed by a clear command, then nothing to see here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

U’re right, but there is one hint.
If the internet will down and U will send your password during 1 min after internet break off, everyone will see your password and clear command won’t work. That is a problem. Any other idea?

Then nothing will work anyhow :wink: … including logging into the App in order to type in the password, let alone it transmitting to the server or another phone or opening whatever you are unlocking.

You are probably safe from aliens looking over your shoulder as well, but wrapping the phone in tinfoil can help, just in case :smiley:

Hmmm is that a new EMI/EMC recommendation?

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