Clarification on Free Blynk app

I have developed an automated Test equipment for a client of mine. This is a 24/7 Endurance rig to test a gear box. The coding for the whole machine was done in LabVIEW.

My client wants a facility to remotely view key parameters of the test. I can easily put together a Blynk App to do this - maybe I will just use your Gauge widgets and one or two LED widgets . It will be deployed on a maximum of 1 iOS and 3 Android devices. No logging of data or control of anything is required.

Can I use the free Blynk App for this ? Thanks.

Are you or your client making any money out of this, or the product being tested, or is the product being used to support a commercial business?

If so then it would be classed as commercial use and not allowed under the free licence terms.


Thanks for the prompt clarification.

Sure the test equipment was built by my company to their company which was done last year. And since its now running 24/7 non stop, they wanted a remote status viewing facility and I thought of using the Blynk app for that - as a remote viewer.

( I thought I can buy additional Energy and share the app with three others. )

Even though using this app is not part of any commercial transaction, its between two companies and hence I think its deemed commercial. So will not use it.

You could ask @Pavel if there is a possibility of using Blynk for this for a one-off fee.


Can I use the free Blynk App for this ? Thanks.

Yes, as long as you don’t sell your solution it’s free to go.

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Wow… that must be the most trust based response .

Absolutely no issues… rest assured I will honor this trust 100%. As soon as I complete it, shall update all details on it.

Your response is appreciated. Thanks !

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