Checking Auth Token

Is there a way to test the auth token loaded into the ESP8266 if it’s wrong without debugging? Please help me, thanks.

@Dmitriy How can I test it on my server?

There is no need to test it on server, hook up your ESP to Arduino IDE and check serial monitor, it will show auth key and you will see if it is wrong if not connecting successfully to Blynk cloud/local server. .

@zodiac I wanna connect to Esp via webserver, Esp should be hide in the wall so I can’t connect via serial and not everyone has :computer: all the time.

You can see it in your app, if using method Dmitriy suggested. Don’t know if it can be done on a local server, never had a need for that.

What is possibility for in-wall device to be mounted with wrong auth key?

Yes if you set it up correctly with iptables etc.

I know my auth keys :slight_smile:

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There is a way, just remembered how this can be done. You can include tzapu’s wifi manager in your code, when ESP wakes in AP mode, you will get token info and will be able to change it.